General Business Conditions (GBC)

1 General
1.1 See Tickets AG ("See Tickets") operates a ticket sales organization including the website and a call centre. See Tickets les a direct conclusion of a contract between the customer and the respective organiser via its sales platforms.
1.2 These General Business Conditions (hereinafter "GBC") apply to all utilization of the website and services, in particular to ticket purchases via the system. By clicking the checkbox: "I have read and accepted the General Business Conditions", customers undertake to comply with the same.
2 System
2.1 See Tickets uppliers/subcontractors aim to serve customers professionally and efficiently using the latest technical methods. See Tickets s by employing well-proven technology, qualified specialists and dependable subcontractors (together hereinafter: "suppliers"), and also by applying due diligence accordingly. Nevertheless, See Tickets cannot be held liable for any faults or interruptions in see ticket services or for any damages resulting from illegal interference in the data processing system or abuse by unauthorized third parties. Liability for third-party performance is excluded as far as legally admissible.
2.2 The utilization of customer's hardware (including printer), operating system software and telecommunications devices for services is at customer's own risk and cost. The customer hereby acknowledges that See Tickets uppliers/licensors are not obliged to support or maintain any specific software or any specific operating platforms or systems, or to uphold such support in future. See Ticket far as legally admissible any liability for damage to the customer's data processing system in connection with utilization of the website or services.
2.3 The customer hereby acknowledges without reserve that all services called up via customer's account will be charged to the same. The customer hereby undertakes to take all reasonable precautions to ensure password secrecy and prevent unauthorized access or abuse by third parties. The customer also undertakes hereby to inform See immediately of any suspected password abuse, and to indemnify to the legally admissible extent See Tickets uppliers from damages caused by unauthorized or abusive use or manipulation of the website or services within customer's area of responsibility. If any unauthorized or abusive use is suspected, See Tickets ed in all cases to terminate or refuse services.
3 Tickets
3.1 The customer hereby acknowledges that all rights and obligations in particular regarding ticket orders and/or other services offered on the website apply exclusively between the respective event organizer and the customer. The contract for the purchase of a ticket is based on these general terms and conditions and any additional conditions of the organizer that may apply. For all matters and claims of any kind in connection with events, but not with ticket sales processing, the customer has to contact the respective event organizer directly.

Tickets are checked electronically at the entrance to each event location. The right is also reserved to check the authorization of the ticket holder. With the purchase of the ticket, the customer accepts the safety, age and other access regulations of the organiser. Any regulations imposed by the authorities also apply to the visit or the staging of the event (e.g. contact tracing, Covid certificate, mask obligation, distance obligation). The customer is responsible for compliance with these regulations. In case of non-compliance, attendance at the event may be refused or excluded. In this case, there is no entitlement to a refund of the ticket price.

3.3 Tickets must be protected from dampness, dirt, and damage due to mechanical and optical influences, etc. The bar code must be legible to the reading machine. Damaged tickets will not be replaced.

Ticket copying, alteration or imitation, etc. is strictly prohibited. Tickets manipulated in any way whatsoever are not valid.
3.4 Commercial trading of tickets purchased via the See Tickets prohibited and may result in loss of the service associated with the ticket and claims for damages as well as profit distribution. Persons who violate this provision may be excluded from purchasing tickets.
3.5 Tickets not collected at the entrance are to be retained until the end of the event and shown on demand. Any abuse of tickets is strictly prohibited. Ticket holders must follow the instructions of the personnel at the event in question. Persons infringing these regulations will not only be banned from the event, but may also be held liable for damages compensation. Organisers are entitled to personalise tickets in such a way that only the person printed on the ticket is entitled to enter the respective event. The purchaser must ensure that the personal details are complete and truthful. If several tickets are purchased, this shall also apply to the other persons who are to be admitted to the respective event.
3.6 Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged except in case of event cancellation as under 3.7 below.
3.7 In case of event postponement, all tickets retain their validity. If an event is cancelled, tickets may be returned up to 30 (thirty) days after announcing cancellation if allowed by the event organizer. Tickets purchased by credit card/Postcard via the website or call centre will be refunded directly to the respective credit card/Postcard account. In all other cases, tickets must be returned to a sales point for refund.
3.8 The purchase price will only be refunded or credited by See Tickets or a sales point up to the amount allowed to them by the respective event organizer. The responsibility for ticket purchase price refunds lies with the event organizer. In no case will any refund or credit amount exceed the ticket purchase price.
4 Personal data
4.1 The customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that See Tickets and its suppliers may acquire his or her personal data in connection with website operations and the provision of services. See Tickets undertakes to uphold the confidentiality of personal data within the framework of legal requirements and of reasonable commercial possibilities. For further details please refer to the see tickets policy on personal data.
5 Information
5.1 See Tickets makes every effort to ensure that all information published on the website is complete, up-to-date and correct. See Tickets cannot however guarantee the correctness, completeness or topicality of information published on the website, nor can See Tickets be held liable for any data transmission errors or for any resultant damages or outlay whatsoever. The customer hereby acknowledges in particular that See Tickets cannot guarantee or be held liable for the content of any linked third-party websites.
6 Rights in connection with the website and ticketing system
6.1 The website and ticketing system are protected by copyright and other laws. All rights pertaining to the same, including ownership and/or usufructuary rights, are held by See Tickets and/or its suppliers/licensors.
7 Changes to these General Business Conditions
7.1 See Tickets reserves the right to modify these General Business Conditions at any time according to need. Changes to these General Business Conditions will be notified to customers in appropriate form, in particular by respective publication on the website. Customers are therefore advised to consult the website regularly.
8 Applicable law / court of jurisdiction
8.1 These General Business Conditions are subject to Swiss law.

Any dispute in connection with utilization of the website or services shall be settled at the option of See Tickets by court of arbitration either at the respective See Tickets domicile or at the customer's domicile.


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