Information about the most important changes of the privacy policy

The new privacy policy is valid as of March 10th 2016. Here you will find a brief overview of the major changes. Detailed information can be found in the privacy policy itself

Why has the privacy statement been adjusted?
Starticket AG modified its privacy policy as of March 10th 2016, to offer you a customized and safe online experience.


What’s new?
Starticket AG is part of the Tamedia Group. The new privacy policy will be introduced to the whole Tamedia group step by step.

The privacy statement is harmonized within the Tamedia group to enable the internal data exchange.

Offers and services with high relevancy to you, an improved online experience as well as enhanced security aspects will be introduced with the new privacy policy. This might also result in a better protection of online fraud and abuse for you.

Which data does Tamedia collect?
All data you provide as a user, e.g. when you open up an account, will be stored. Furthermore behavioral patterns and technical information is kept on record. For detailed explanations please refer to the privacy policy.

What happens if I decline the privacy policy?
To take advantage of all the changes and the improved safety standards, we recommend you to consent to the new privacy policy to keep using all services without any restrictions.

You can find more information within the privacy policy on how you can define personal settings.

Will my data be passed on to third parties outside the Tamedia group?
Personal data will not be sold, leased or traded by us outside the Tamedia Group and its affiliate companies. Apart from that, personal data will only be passed on when relevant for the fulfillment of contracts and adequate safeguards for the disclosure exist.

How can I delete my data?
You can send an e-mail to and ask us to delete your stored data.

Who may I contact with questions concerning my privacy?
Please get directly in touch with the customer service by e-mailing to

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