Cancellation and refund

The refund takes place according to the payment option you have chosen.

  • Pre-Payment / E-Bill or Pay@Kiosk / SOFORT / IBAN (International bank transfer):
    Please write an email with your order number and your bank details* to up until 30 days after the show date**.

  • Creditcard / Postfinance Card / TWINT:
    The amount will be automatically refunded to the credit card/Postfinance card or TWINT account within the next few days.

  • Official retailer:
    Tickets will be refunded at the official retailer where you have purchased your tickets up until 30 days after the show date**.

The full price (charges included) will be refunded.
After 30 days the organiser is responsible for the refunding.

*Abroad: with BIC/SWIFT

**If an event is postponed to an unknown date at first and at a later point is cancelled, the 30 days are not counted from the original event date but from the date we informed you by email about the cancellation of the event.

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