What is Pay@Kiosk?

Pay@Kiosk is a payment option that allows you to pay the online ordered tickets at a K Kiosk or Press & Books store. This option is available until 2 hours before the event.
After placing the order, you have max. 24 hours to make the payment.
Please pay attention to the payment period in the confirmation email! The e-mail may be in your email program’s spam folder.

How does the payment work?

After having completed the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail (do not forget to check your Spam folder). The QR code is shown on the bottom of this e-mail. This QR code must be presented at a k-kiosk or Press&Book store

Here you will find a list of all K Kiosks and Press & Books stores.

Instead of the QR Code, a x is shown. What can I do?

In this case, the image has not been downloaded by your e-mail program.  Certain e-mail programs allow you to download the QR Code with a right click. 

When can I print out the paid tickets?

If you have selected the delivery option Print at Home, your tickets will be available 20 minutes later in your See Tickets account.

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