Where are my Tickets?

General Information

If an order has been completed correctly, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and the order will be visible in your account. In case you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you can't find the confirmation email or your order in your account, please make sure that the order was not completed through another account (e.g. with the business email address). 

Payment method invoice / e-banking invoice

With this payment option, the tickets are deposited in the account or sent by post after receipt of payment. 

Important: Processing by the banks takes up to three working days. This means that the payment arrives at our account about three working days after it has been credited to your account. The tickets will deposited in your account or sent by post from this time on. You can find further information on payment deadlines here

Payment method credit card / Twint / Postcard

After payment has been made, Print at Home tickets will be deposited in your account immediately or sent by post on the next working day. 

Important: If you see a debit on your credit card / Twint account/ Postcard but cannot find an order, then it is possible that the amount was only authorized. Further information can be found here

Information on Postal Delivery

Once payment has been received, it takes three to five working days for the tickets to arrive at your address. 

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