Personalization and contact tracing

To guarantee the safety of visitors, contact tracing is offered at some events. In this way, all visitors can be informed if an infected person has been at the event.

If the tickets need to be personalized, you will be asked to provide the personal details of all participating persons before the order is completed.




The form of address, first and last name and telephone number are mandatory fields. It is not possible to complete an order without providing this information. Since the identity is checked at the entrance, we ask you to enter the correct information.

The ticket ID corresponds to the ticket number printed on the ticket


Changes of personalization

You can change the information at any time. Please note that modifications are only possible after the order has been paid.

In order to make a modification, please log in to your Seetickets account in a first step and click on "CONTINUE" under the heading "Orders".


Then click on "Click for personalization"


Then enter the changes in the window that opens and confirm with "Save".


Important: If you make a change, it is absolutely necessary to print the tickets again, as all previously printed tickets lose their validity.


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